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"Sharpening our tools for the diagnosis of mosaic disorders"

presented by Prof. Dr. Martin Zenker & Dr. Denny Schanze - University Hospital Magdeburg, Dr. Ben Liesfeld - Limbus Medical Technologies


New deep sequencing technologies facilitate the detection of mosaicism at very low levels. This allows clinicians to better understand the phenotypic heterogeneity of mosaic disorders. Using a high-sensitivity assay with validated analytical performance, we are now ready to push the boundaries of the diagnosis of mosaic diseases from a research application to a new standard of care in genetic diagnostics.

In this session, our speakers will highlight the specific challenges physicians encounter while handling mosaic diseases and explain in detail how a suitable assay was established and validated.

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Our speakers & talks

Presenter at varvis® ESHG Corporate Satellite - Prof. Martin Zenker, University Hospital Magdeburg

  The challenge of phenotypic heterogeneity and genetic diagnosis in mosaic disorders

Prof. Dr. Martin Zenker,
Institute of Human Genetics, University Hospital Magdeburg

Mosaic disorders are caused by postzygotic mutational events arising during an early developmental period which may lead to an attenuated or localized phenotype of a genetic disorder that is typically caused by germline mutations. Other mosaic disorders are assumed to result from lethal mutations surviving by mosaicism; the corresponding germline phenotype does not exist. This is particularly true for oncogenic mutations in the RAS-MAPK and PI3K-AKT pathways. Diagnosing mosaic disorders clinically is therefore challenging due to their phenotypic heterogeneity and often incomplete syndromic features, which may even stay unnoticed.

Genetic diagnosis, on the other hand, may be hampered by a very low abundance or even lack of the disease-causing mutation in routinely accessible biomaterials such as blood. Strategies to overcome these limitations aim at selecting tissue with an expected higher mutation frequency, or at increasing the sensitivity of detection - or a combination of both. As deep sequencing technologies facilitate a promising methodological solution in low-grade mosaicism detection, revisions in current diagnostic protocols are necessary to increase the detection rate of mosaic variants.

Dr. Ben Liesfeld - Managing Director & Co-Founder  Limbus Medical Technologies

  Reconciling regulation and innovation with standardized software

Dr. Ben Liesfeld,
Limbus Medical Technologies GmbH

Genetic testing laboratories must comply with numerous regulations and guidelines. As a medical device software, varvis® has been designed from the start to aid in the diagnosis of patients. The varvis® Validation Service ensures that the analytical performance of our customers' assays meets recognized standards. varvis® also provides various features that facilitate and automate quality control as required by international guidelines.

Presenter at varvis® corporate Satellite at ESHG 2021 - Dr. Denny Schanze, University Hospital Magdeburg

  Matching analytical performance and clinical utility

Dr. Denny Schanze,
Institute of Human Genetics, University Hospital Magdeburg

In search of the best toolset for liquid biopsy using NGS, Dr. Schanze evaluated and validated different molecular barcoding technologies. He will provide details regarding the various steps in the validation process. In the end, he was able to select the optimum assay design for highest sensitivity and precision at the desired limit of detection, while keeping the assay cost-efficient for routine diagnostics.

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