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Clinical diagnostics with automated SNP and CNV analysis using varvis™

Tuseday, November 7th, 16.15- 17.45pm, Room: Z├╝rich4

What to expect from this workshop

  Get to know

Get to know varvis from the perspective of a human geneticist presenting real case studies from routine diagnostics.

  Try it out

Learn how to use varvis in an interactive hands-on practical session.

  Puzzle over a real case

Puzzle over a real case, play with the data and the software and see how varvis supports the decision-making process.

  One for all

SNV and CNV analysis of large NGS panels and WES trios


Automated inheritance filtering


Utilization of the built-in variant database as well as of our data network allexes™

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Technical requirements

   Bring your own laptop with Wifi
   Make sure your battery is fully charged

Have a current version of


This website provides very helpful instructions to find out the version of your browser.

About varvis™

varvis™ is a cloud-based software platform supporting the complete NGS workflow from raw data up to medical interpretation. It includes a highly automated workflow for SNP/Indel and CNV analysis and an interface for laboratory information systems. varvis™ allows you to build your own comprehensive local variant database from the entire analysis history, but also leverages the variant data from all users to help solving complex cases based on WES or WGS. varvis is a CE approved medical device class I and compliant with EU regulations. For more information, please visit www.varvis.com.


More information

About the speaker

Dr. Konrad Platzer is a clinical expert and medical doctor with a specialty in Human Genetics. He currently serves as the head of panel diagnostics, the head of diagnostics and counseling for Hereditary and Ovarian Cancer and as a genetic counselor at the Institute of Human Genetics at the University Hospital in Leipzig. His main interests lie in NGS diagnostics, clinical genetics, and epilepsy genetics as well as in teaching medical students. The Institute of Human Genetics at the University Hospital of Leipzig has a research focus on genetics of Epilepsy, developmental delay and Cystic Fibrosis. Members of the group were the first to implement NGS panels in epilepsy diagnostics. As of now, 800 NGS panels with a variety of medical indications and over 200 trio exomes of syndromic or non-syndromic patients are analyzed every year. The Institute is one of the establishing members of the international Consortium to Systematically Elucidate the Genetics of Neurodevelopmental Disorders (GND). The development of the varvis platform has always been driven by the needs of clinicians and has been performed in close collaboration with the Institute of Human Genetics in Leipzig.

About Limbus™

Limbus Medical Technologies is a medical device manufacturer based in Rostock, Germany. Our goal is to facilitate and accelerate clinical diagnostics. The varvis genomics platform has been designed from the beginning with the medical application in mind.