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The varvis® genomics platform is a complete solution for clinical diagnostics, supporting NGS raw data processing, genomics data management, and variant interpretation. Automated CNV and SNV analysis are clinically validated and completely integrated into the NGS workflow.

Key benefits

  Always up to date

Use continuously updated public data from sources like gnomAD and ClinVar.

  Deep phenotyping

varvis® enables standardized phenotyping using ontologies like HPO to improve the accuracy of your diagnosis.


Access more than 10,000 diligently curated clinical NGS cases including all variants and phenotype descriptions through our allexes network.

  Push the button

Convenient filtering options such as inheritance filters allow you to filter from thousands of detected SNVs and CNVs. Within seconds.

CE  Approved

varvis® is a medical device Class I according to MDD 93/42/EEC and compliant with EU regulations.

  One for all

One solution for SNV and CNV for NGS panels of all sizes, including WES and WGS.

  80% savings

Our clinically validated CNV analysis provides significant cost savings compared to ligation based CNV detection methods.

  Overnight express

No matter how many samples or how many sequencing runs you have: our fully automated process delivers results overnight. Guaranteed.

  Carefree IT

You initiate raw data upload by pushing a button. We deal with IT, processing and bioinformatics.

  First class support

Our services comprise technical support, training, documentation as well as validation following all relevant international guidelines.



varfeed™ automates the processing of raw next-generation sequencing data from bcl, fastq or bam files. It performs all bioinformatics, including alignment, SNP/Indel variant calling and a clinically validated CNV analysis. All results are handed over to varvis® automatically.

varvis® is a clinical decision support system (CDS) and allows you to review, filter, and classify genetic variants. In addition, varvis® is your own comprehensive variant database. It supports the clinical decision-making process and is thus a CE medical device compliant with EU regulations.

allexes™ provides the data for variant annotation to varvis®. allexes™ does not only deliver the most recent versions of public databases, but also access to aggregated genomic reference data from all our users.



varvis® is compliant with European medical device regulations as well as with HIPAA and the new EU data privacy regulation.

 Data availability

Never deal with the management of files again. Start to review large data sets with one click. We offer long-term archival options on request.

 Data protection

Confidentiality of patient data is integral part of the varvis® platform design. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Data that is shared through allexes is de-identified and aggregated.


Martin Zenker

“Limbus demonstrated the clinical validity of its varfeed CNV detection algorithms. We now use the varfeed CNV analysis as a very cost-effective and sensitive first-line diagnostics.”

Prof. Martin Zenker, MD, University of Magdeburg

Rami Abou Jamra

“The varvis platform has been designed from the start with the medical application in mind. The platform conveniently supports our diagnostic workflow. The service is excellent and the team is very reliable. The list of features is growing surprisingly fast.”

Prof. Rami Jamra, MD, University of Leipzig

Anne Gregor

“Thank you for your excellent support with our platform validation. Based on the meaningful report you provided, I was able to very quickly complete our validation process.”

Dr. Heyko Skladny, Synlab Zentrum für Humangenetik Mannheim

Rami Abou Jamra

“The varvis platform allows us to process, manage, and compare thousands of WES data sets. This enables us to make new discoveries and increase the diagnostic yield.”

Anne Gregor, Ph. D., Rockefeller University

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