varvis® webinar series

Together with professionals in medical and clinical genetics, and valued partners from industry and academia, in our varvis® webinar series we put together a programme that covers latest developments and best practices as well as deep-dive sessions covering many important topics including IVDR, liquid biopsy, whole exome analysis or variant interpretation, and our user group meeting.

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From raw data processing to variant classification: A complete software solution with IVDR certificate

Now that the IVDR explicitly regulates in-house devices or "Laboratory Developed Tests" (LDTs), the selection of properly CE-labelled devices is becoming increasingly important for laboratories. In this webinar, we will explain the classification of devices under IVDR and what it means for manufacturers, users and patients. We will also show you how the varvis® genomics platform meets the requirements and give you an exclusive insight into our software. We also plan enough time to answer all your questions.

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